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Hypnotherapy for help with Anxiety, Panic Attacks & PhobiasHy

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and phobias
are very difficult to live with, and may sometimes seem overwhelming to you. Some events that other people find easy may seem almost impossible to deal with. Even going shopping can be difficult for some. Flying away on holiday is frequently a source of high stress. When I was a flying instructor I specialised in nervous students and you may be surprised to know it is fairly common even with people wanting to learn to fly. So I can aid you with ways to overcome the fear of being on an aircraft too.

One of the most fundamental ways to master your fears is to learn how to truly relax and let go, instead of fighting to stay calm. Many people nowadays have so much stress in their lives, that taking time out to relax may even seem unattainable. I will show you easy ways to relax that you will be able to use in normal daily life on a regular basis that can transform your day. The only secret is to practise regularly, just a couple of minutes of the techniques repeated often, that I will show you, will make a big difference as you learn to recognise and feel real relaxation.

I will show you a simple and easy exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime. No-one around you will even notice, although they may well soon begin to comment that you seem less stressed than usual, and you will feel progressively more at ease as you practice.

Another easy technique which may be very useful to you, is meridian therapy, which uses tapping on acupressure points to relieve acute Stress, you will be shown how to do this on your own and given a reminder card to keep. Taking just a few short minutes, it can be very effective and is very quick to do. You may prefer to be in private for this one, and nipping into the nearest loo will do just fine if you have problems finding a private space.

You may feel that it is already too late and that you have been a worrier all your life, and that it is just who you are. But do remember babies are not born worrying. Somewhere along the way you learned to worry, and you can learn to stop. I can make it easier for you to stop unwanted habits of worry, instead, staying calm and resourceful. I can assist you to let go of fears or phobias which may be blighting your life. This is the best time to deal with your fears, so you can enjoy the rest of your life.

Do feel welcome to ring me for an initial chat or for an appointment on 01502.715945 or 07900.933585.

Links to scientific research regarding the suitability of hypnotherapy for anxiety, and it's ability to protect the body from immunological dysregulation associated with stress inducing events, and hypertension;

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Learn how to be calm and enjoy the sensation of being able to relax at will.......

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