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Supplements by Hothersall Healthcare Ltd.

If our bodies are incorrectly nourished, we are prone to certain health issues, both mental and physical. For instance, Scurvy is caused by a marked deficiency of Vitamin C, which holds the cells of the body together, and without it, initially gums bleed, and then the teeth are lost as the gums can no longer maintain a grip on the teeth. It can be a terminal condition at worst, and is caused solely by lack of just one vitamin. This is just one small instance of how important correct nutrients are to our health. Modern crops have become less nutritious than pre-war plant foods. How does this affect us, and does it really matter? I believe it matters a great deal.

I have gradually become more aware over the years, that current agricultural practices of spraying specific chemicals onto land and crops, has resulted in the gradual erosion of genuinely fertile soil. Gardens and organically cultivated land have vastly more worms demonstrating their fertility. My late Uncle was a research scientist working at Rothamsted and first brought this issue to my attention. You may ask why this matters? It matters because if the land is starved of the full range of nutrients, plants will be unable to absorb enough, or produce the nutrient value in the diet that they used to.

Rickets is resurfacing as a health issue, as people are protecting themselves and their children excessively from the sun, whether using creams, clothes, hats or shade. It is of course important not to burn, but the body does need vitamin D, whether from dietary or sunlight sources. Without vitamin D the bones cannot grow and strengthen adequately. Butter is an excellent and rich source of Vitamin D, and is far better for our health than trans or hydrogenated fats in spreads. The more natural a food the more our bodies have adapted over millennia to use it. 

The brain is nearly 70% fat, and needs good fat to function, and without it your brain will feel depressed. Academic studies have found strong links between low blood fats, anxiety and depression. A moderate amount of butter or various oils will allow the brain to absorb what it needs to function effectively. Extra virgin or cold pressed oils are also to be preferred as they have had minimal processing.

There is increasing research emerging that saturated fat reduction makes no statistical difference to conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Sugar is more damaging to the body than natural sources of fat which the body evolved over millennia to cope with. This is in comparison to refined sugar, which only emerged around some 2oo years ago. It takes approximately two feet of sugar cane to make one teaspoon of sugar.

You may eat what you consider to be a healthy diet, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as I do. But where did they grow? Did the land they grew on have enough nutrients to nourish the plants? How can the plant feed you nutritiously when the land didn't feed it? There are many more micro-nutrients in good land than are replaced in chemically sustained land, and scientists are still working on research as to what else we need to maintain optimum health. Most people do not feel 100% most of the time. Allergies for instance, are increasing in numbers annually particularly in the West. Unless we purchase or grow all our own food organically, we are liable to need extra supplements.

I have taken various vitamins, minerals, and oils, such as fish or flax, for many years, and have found them to be generally beneficial to my own health. I have in addition, often recommended supplements to my clients, who have also usually found positive results from taking them. One client had worried herself, prior to seeing me, that she had the first symptoms of Alzheimer's, and had been to her Doctor as a result of this concern. Within a month on fish oil, which I recommended, her normal memory returned to her absolute relief and delight. Top quality nutrients are vital to optimum health.

I am therefore currently involved in creating my own brand of supplements, which I will market via Hothersall Healthcare Ltd. An opportunity has recently arisen allowing me to tailor the supplements that I have found to be most useful to most people, whilst aiming for a high quality product, and ensuring my range is as natural as possible.

Vitamins, Minerals and Oils

These are the foundation products most of us require, partially due to current agricultural practices, so I plan to start with one of these initially. There will be others to follow, ultimately comprising a coordinated range to promote and sustain optimum health.  The intention is to ultimately create a range natural in origin. I am intending to formulate a premium product, in order to give the greatest health benefits to those who consume it. I will also be using my own products, as one of my priorities is to improve, not only my clients' or others' health, but also to maintain my own. When the arrangements have been finalised I will describe the product in more detail here.


As soon as the product details and ingredients have been agreed with the manufacturer I will be able to insert prices and how to purchase details in this section. The product will also be available through Amazon. If my clients wish to purchase supplements from elsewhere, they are completely at liberty to do so. I realise that a premium range is not for everyone, but I am producing this new range because I believe I can assist people to improve their health by creating a top quality product for those who wish to take advantage of it. I look forward to being able to put final details on here. In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding this range, please feel free to contact me.


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