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Jessica Hothersall of Hothersall Healthcare

Changing your Thinking, Changing your Reality....... by calling 01502-715945

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Background Information on myself, my Qualifications, and Industry Standards.

Details of how I can help you are outlined on the Home page, with more specific information on individual pages.

In addition to very rewarding work I did for the Citizens Advice Bureau as a Generalist Adviser, I have held a Flying Instructor Rating, and Commercial Pilot's Licence, and taught people to fly light aircraft. I also trained for 3 years as a boat builder from 2000 and built an 11 foot wooden sailing dinghy. One of my hobbies is photography as you may notice on this site, the photos are my own.

I have worked in various occupations, starting off by selling buttons at 15, then office clerk, bank cashier, decorator, through a variety of others, including Transport Manager for an International Freight Forwarding company, Airfield Manager and progressed to teaching people to fly in the late 1990's. I became a single parent, divorcing in 1994, now with four adult children, and two grandchildren who live in Australia with my eldest son and his wife. My varied background and wide range of life experiences enables me to help you more easily.

I recently completed my BSc Honours degree in Psychology at
the UEA, as a very mature student. Being dyslexic put me off applying to University until recently. This is the first degree I have studied for, and better late than never. I am also growing my hair for the Little Princess Trust. They give hair to a wig maker who constructs wigs for children who have lost their own hair due to chemotherapy. They need a minimum length of 7 inches, so if you have long hair and ever consider cutting it short, do please contact them first (or I can pass on an instruction sheet with their requirements).

I'm a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy at Accredited level, and also on the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council Register, (CNHC) which is NHS approved. I am a member of the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapists Organisation (UKCHO), the British Psychological Society, and the College of Medicine. I originally trained with the East Anglian Institute, gaining a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, and certificates in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Meridian Therapies. In addition I have a Foundation Certificate in Counselling, and a Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, both from the UEA. I'm insured with Towergate who specialise in Professional Insurance.

Hypnotherapy is now rightfully taking a more mainstream place in healing, as people are becoming more aware of the beneficial effect it can have on their lives. It is important it continues to develop in a positive way with due regard to the rights of clients, allowing them to trust their hypnotherapist as they would their doctor, with normal medical confidentiality. I attend regular CPD training (Continuing Professional Development) in order to maintain and improve my level of knowledge. I am also a subscriber to  journals such as 'The Psychologist' by the British Psychological Society, the Journal of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and The Lancet.

Momentum is building to enable thorough self-regulation throughout the Complementary Healthcare Industry. The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, (CNHC)  manage a register overseeing qualified therapists in many different therapies. The NHS uses this register for referring patients to therapists. Bodies such as the National Council for Hypnotherapy monitor and oversee comprehensive hypnotherapy training schemes with relevant qualifications, and you are welcome to inspect my certificates if you wish.

Links to the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Medical Association regarding Hypnotherapy as a complementary medicine;

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