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Jessica Hothersall of Hothersall Healthcare

Changing your Thinking, Changing your Reality....... by calling 01502-715945

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Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, how can they help you?

I specialise in helping with IBS, and Anxiety related problems, also teaching you effective Relaxation, which will aid you in many areas of your life. It is also particularly important for assisting with successful IVF, or improving general fertility and I will teach you easy techniques you can use in your busy daily life. Food, Nutrition, or weight loss issues often cause great distress, and learning natural healthy methods of weight management will allow you to feel comfortable and at ease in your own skin.

I will also help you create a 'can do' attitude, enabling beneficial changes, and giving you control over your own life, by teaching you how to apply the techniques of NLP, CBT and hypnosis to yourself. These will reinforce more positive attitudes and beliefs henceforth. Allowing you to reach your full potential in both your work and private life. Many of us are functioning at a level which is adequate, but wouldn't you prefer that level to be excellent?

It is not always the easiest option to change, hence the saying 'Better the devil you know.....' However, the rewards for choosing to take the more challenging option are many and varied. Ranging from becoming calmer and more in control of your own life generally, to specifically becoming a winner as a competitor in your chosen field, passing exams or training for a more rewarding career. Instead of just doing a job you no longer enjoy, (whilst noting in the current climate, that is still to be appreciated), find the confidence to make the changes you really want, and also enjoying more positive relationships with people who are important to you.

has been used since the Ancient Egyptian time for healing purposes, and although there have been gaps in it's history, it has always resurfaced due to it's success in helping people find their own inner resources to overcome a variety of personal problems and/or challenges.

In more recent times Anton Mesmer created 'Mesmerism' which was supposedly a magnetic force, not true hypnotherapy, though unfortunately sometimes confused with it. He was a stage entertainer not a therapist, as Derren Brown is today. Dr. James Braid was the true father of British Hypnotherapy, a down to earth Scottish G.P. who placed great importance on research and evidence that could be proven, and produced real measurable changes for his patients. Milton Erickson is considered the founder of modern American hypnotherapy.

I will show you how to use Meridian Therapies, tapping acupressure points allowing you to let go of negative emotions causing you distress. It can be very effective for your phobias, anxieties, panic attacks, cravings and other difficult emotional problems such as trauma. Your memories remain while the emotional distress they caused you is minimised or even removed.

You can only achieve what you believe you can. Henry Ford once said "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're probably right". Aligning your subconscious mind with your conscious mind has a powerful impact. It is this that gives hypnotherapy it's strength. It gives me enormous pleasure and satisfaction to widen your horizons so you can achieve more than you thought possible in your life. How often do you say to yourself or to others "I can't do it"? I can enable you to change limiting beliefs and develop the confidence to be able to say "I can if I really want to".

I do believe that most of us are just touching the edge of our capabilities, and we often can't see the wood for the trees. It is my intention to help as many people as possible realise their true potential, and live more fulfilling lives in the future.

I became a Hypnotherapist to assist you to become happier and more fulfilled in your own life as I have done myself. When working for the Citizens Advice Bureau, I gained great satisfaction from empowering people and enabling them to master their diverse problems. I help on a deeper and more fundamental level now, by employing Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

I have practices in Worlingham near Beccles, in Suffolk, and Loddon, in Norfolk, where I will enable you to make changes and improvements in your life. Would you like to improve your quality of life by leaving behind IBS, high levels of Anxiety, Stress, or
limiting beliefs, such as "I can't do it", which may be causing you immense difficulties?

Feel welcome to contact me for any queries about your particular issue, or for an appointment,  on 01502-715945 or 07900.933585  and I trust you will allow me to enable you to change your life for the better.

Jessica Hothersall  HPD, BSc (Hons) MNCH(Acc) CNHC, MBPsS

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